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What is this website about? The answer is quite simple, it's an experiment. An experiment to show that learning never stops and always remains exciting.

As a CTO of a company whose core business is the development of e-learning products and the implementation of learning initiatives, I deal with new technologies that can be used for learning on a day-to-day basis. 

With Cloud Computing and Cognitive Services, with VR, AR and Mixed Reality, with gaming and programming new opportunities are constantly being created to make learning more individual and exciting and to break down existing barriers that prevent us from learning.

Although I have more than 20 years of experience in the development of interactive learning products, I still learn every day. And I enjoy learning new skills myself over and over again. So also with this website. 

I've been using the programming language Python for a long time to simplify daily tasks when dealing with data. However, I had never used it before for the web. As web development with Django becomes more and more popular - also in Germany, I became curious and started to try out the framework. Step by step I tried tutorials on the web and the result is this little blog website.

After I created this first, simple version of the website, I wanted to know how to deploy the website as a cloud application and how hard it is to run a Django webapp as a Microsoft Azure App Service. The answer is: it's quite simple and so this website now runs as a 100% cloud application.

And since the website is already there, I will now use it to write down my experiences, which I am gathering daily and which could be interesting for others, here.

I hope you guys enjoy reading.