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AI Meets Programming Prowess: Building a Pong Game in Flutter

This article explores the synergy between GPT-4 and human expertise by taking on the challenge of creating a PONG game with Flutter in under 30 minutes.

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Flutter vs .Net MAUI: Why Flutter Wins Despite .Net MAUI's Strong Foundation

In the world of mobile app development, cross-platform frameworks are increasingly important as they allow developers to create applications for multiple platforms using a single codebase. Two popular options in this space are Flutter, developed by Google, and .Net MAUI, developed by Microsoft.

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A Mac Developer's Revelation: Windows Terminal and WSL 2 Reshaping the Windows Programming Experience

As a lifelong Mac user, I was accustomed to the seamless experience of macOS when it came to software development and programming. The thought of switching to a Windows PC had never crossed my mind, primarily due to the lack of a powerful terminal and the complications in setting up a development environment.

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Deploy Your Wagtail Webpage with Docker, PostgreSQL, Gunicorn & NGINX

Want to publish your Wagtail site in a Docker environment with PostgreSQL, Gunicorn and NGINX on a production server? The following tutorial will show you an easy way.

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Dockerize Wagtail & PostgreSQL as a development environment

If you want to develop with Wagtail and PostgreSQL in a platform-independent way, using Docker is a good choice. In the following tutorial, I would like to share my approach.

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Twitter Mining with Tweepy and mongoDB

If you want to analyze data on current topics and opinions, Twitter is often a very good data source. To save tweets from the Twitter Streaming API to a mongoDB database easily, I wrote this little Python script.