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AI Meets Programming Prowess: Building a Pong Game in Flutter

This article explores the synergy between GPT-4 and human expertise by taking on the challenge of creating a PONG game with Flutter in under 30 minutes.

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Flutter vs .Net MAUI: Why Flutter Wins Despite .Net MAUI's Strong Foundation

In the world of mobile app development, cross-platform frameworks are increasingly important as they allow developers to create applications for multiple platforms using a single codebase. Two popular options in this space are Flutter, developed by Google, and .Net MAUI, developed by Microsoft.

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A Mac Developer's Revelation: Windows Terminal and WSL 2 Reshaping the Windows Programming Experience

As a lifelong Mac user, I was accustomed to the seamless experience of macOS when it came to software development and programming. The thought of switching to a Windows PC had never crossed my mind, primarily due to the lack of a powerful terminal and the complications in setting up a development environment.

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Learn to code Python with COZMO

There are many ways to learn Python. A particularly funny way is to do it together with the little robot COZMO and its SDK for Python.

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Learn to code with TurtleCoder!

You think learning to program is too complex and boring for primary school children? Wrong! TurtleCoder is an intuitive webapp with which you can quickly and independently make first steps in programming based on LOGO.