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Learn to code with TurtleCoder!

You think learning to program is too complex and boring for primary school children? Wrong! TurtleCoder is an intuitive webapp with which you can quickly and independently make first steps in programming based on LOGO.

TurtleCoder is a modern interpretation of the LOGO programming language developed by Helliwood in 2017. It was developed for children between 9 and 12 years old. The principle is to give commands to a small turtle on a drawing surface, which leave immediately traceable "traces". The aim is to independently discover many structural elements of programming, from simple lines to complex recursive trees.

The Webapp

The TurtleCoder can be used in any modern internet browser. By clicking on the link below, the WebApp starts immediately. After entering a name for the first own program you can start immediately. Templates allow the use of simple programming examples.

Start TurtleCoder

The TurtleCoder application is separated into three functional areas. The area with the code, the suggestion list (shows immediately when you want to insert new code) and the drawing area of the turtle.

A toolbar at the top of the webapp allows you to start a new project, run the existing program and much more. Here you have also the possibility to control the drawing robot "Mirobot" directly to transfer the drawings onto the paper.

On the website of the "Code your Life" initiative there are many tutorials, teaching materials and videos to help you master the first steps in programming with the TurtleCoder.

Desktop App

In addition to the web version, there is also a desktop app for Windows, MacOS and Linux that provides the same functions offline. Currently the app is still in beta status and not available for download. However, you can get a test version from the developers.