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A Mac Developer's Revelation: Windows Terminal and WSL 2 Reshaping the Windows Programming Experience

As a lifelong Mac user, I was accustomed to the seamless experience of macOS when it came to software development and programming. The thought of switching to a Windows PC had never crossed my mind, primarily due to the lack of a powerful terminal and the complications in setting up a development environment.

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Deploy Your Wagtail Webpage with Docker, PostgreSQL, Gunicorn & NGINX

Want to publish your Wagtail site in a Docker environment with PostgreSQL, Gunicorn and NGINX on a production server? The following tutorial will show you an easy way.

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Dockerize Wagtail & PostgreSQL as a development environment

If you want to develop with Wagtail and PostgreSQL in a platform-independent way, using Docker is a good choice. In the following tutorial, I would like to share my approach.

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Twitter Mining with Tweepy and mongoDB

If you want to analyze data on current topics and opinions, Twitter is often a very good data source. To save tweets from the Twitter Streaming API to a mongoDB database easily, I wrote this little Python script.

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How to Implement a Twitter Feed on Your Django Website

You want to display your Twitter messages on your Django website and decide which tweet should be displayed? No problem, here you can find my solution.

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Twitter Sentiment Analysis with Azure's Text Analytics API

Creating a sentiment analysis with Twitter messages is not really easy due to the brevity of the texts and the frequently used irony and sarcasm. With the Azure Text Analytics API this works surprisingly well anyway.

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Deploy Your Django Azure Web App with Python 3.6

You want to use the automatic deployment scripts that Azure web apps provide, but your Django website needs Python 3.6? No problem, with your own deploy.cmd, this challenge will work.

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Learn to code Python with COZMO

There are many ways to learn Python. A particularly funny way is to do it together with the little robot COZMO and its SDK for Python.

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Using TinyMCE with Django

Want to use a WYSIWYG editor within your Django webapp? TinyMCE is a good choice and the best: there is a Django module that makes the implementation as easy as pie.

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Find specific words on web pages with Scrapy

Have you ever had the problem to scan your website for specific words, for example to find restricted words. This is a perfect job for Python and Scrapy. With only a few lines of code you can automate this task.

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Adjusting X_FRAME_OPTIONS in Django

When you deploy your Django application to production it is recommendable to adjust the with several security settings. One is the X_FRAME_OPTIONS setting, which protects your website against clickjacking.